Cement statistical


The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through Technical Cabinet of the General Secretariat of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, is responsible for the realization of statistics of cement.

The objective of this statistic is to provide accurate information, reliable and in the shortest period of time possible, the evolution of the Spanish cement industry, so that we can meet the needs of information on the same all economic and social actors who require it.

Statistics on the main magnitudes the Spanish cement industry is a tool widely used as an indicator of the evolution of the sector, as well as in the construction sector in Spain, the latter being a basic sector of the Spanish economy.

The use of the cement industry statistics as an indicator macro, is widely used by different economic and social actors, including the own public administrations both national and regional, that require this information to monitor the evolution of the production and consumption of this product as important and representative data of the economic situation of the country and its different regions.

The calendar defined for the publication of statistics stipulates that no later than the 20th day of each month the results of the previous month will be published. Below is the calendar of publication of the statistic:

Key results

The files to which it is linked below include the results of cement statistics in recent months.

Historical series since 1992

The files linked below include the results of the historical series of cement statistics since 1992.


In the following links can be downloaded the methodology for the development of statistics of cement.