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The Royal Decree No. 1055/2014, of 12 december, with its subsequent amendment of the Royal Decree 655/2017, of 23 june, created the compensatory mechanism of indirect costs of CO2, aiming to industries in particular sectors or subsectors deemed exposed to significant risk of carbon leakage, whose expired on 31 december 2020.

In addition, the european commission's communication, COM (2020) 6400, on the guidelines relating to certain state aid measures in the context of the emission of greenhouse gases from 2021, hereinafter referred to as new guidelines, updated the mechanism for the period from 2021 to 2030 in terms of indirect costs incurred, and thus established both amendments on sectors susceptible of receipt of the mechanism, such as new obligations required to beneficiaries.

In order to give continuity to the mechanism of support in accordance with the indirect costs of CO2 until 31 december 2031, and, in line with the framework established by the new guidelines, is available to a similar instrument that offers the same access.

Thus, this royal decree sets out the regulatory basis for future annual allocation of aid in sectors and subsectors susceptible of risk of carbon leakage.

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