Strategy vehicle Momentum on renewable energy

The Strategy will enable the automotive industry and industrial equipment be ready in the new key technologies, maintain our privileged position as world producers in the future. It has 30 steps to bring to spain as a country of reference in the sector of renewable alternatives applied to transport (electricity, Liquefied petroleum Gas, LPG CNG Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG, biofuels and hydrogen) favoring the industry linked to the automotive sector, within the framework of the energy and environmental challenges.

The strategy is the result of the inter-ministerial working group, established for that purpose, with contributions from the autonomous communities, local and the main sector associations.

The present strategy is part of a specified action as defined in the Agenda for the strengthening of the Industrial Sector in Spain. The strategy discussed technological characteristics of each of the alternative technologies to fossil fuels and proposes concrete actions structured 30 measures covering 3 axes of action, engarzados through a stable regulatory framework to give continuity to all the action taken by enabling the offer guarantees to the market, investors in infrastructure and industrialization drivers:

  1. Industrialization: Enhances the industrialization of vehicles on renewable energy and supply points partners, with the aim of placing Spain at the forefront of the momentum of these technologies. Cover measures for the industrialization of vehicles, components and supply infrastructure, as well as measures to foster the R + D + I.
  2. Market: Defines actions to promote the demand for a sufficient market that would provide an impetus to the economies of scale and supply, allowing to consolidate infrastructure and industrialization in Spain. Comprises measures of dissemination and awareness of new fuels and technologies, and measures to stimulate the purchase of vehicles.
  3. Infrastructure- Collects measures to encourage an infrastructure network to meet the needs of mobility of users and to allow the development of a market of alternative fuels

Moreover, in line with the object and scope of the directive 2014/94/EU, of 22 october 2014, concerning the implementation of infrastructure for alternative fuels, and the future national framework for action for the implementation of the necessary infrastructure required by the same, this strategy of impetus to the vehicles on renewable energy conducts an initial estimate of the development of these vehicles, as well as the necessary infrastructure associated with it that, with the introduction of proceedings reflected in this document, it would be possible to reach in 2020.

The council of ministers adopted on 26 june 2015 the agreement takes note of the strategy of Momentum of the vehicle on renewable energy (SEE) in Spain 2014-2020.

Strategy vehicle Momentum on renewable energy (SEE) in Spain (2014-2020) [PDF] [1.86 MB]

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