Statistics on smes and publications

The Sub-Department of enterprise andSmesservice monthly and annual statistics and various reports, both with the purpose of disseminating the figures and indicators most relevantSMESspanish, as for the monitoring and evaluation of policies undertaken by the General directorate of Industrial Strategy and small and medium-sized enterprises.

On a yearly basis, is published the report"structure and dynamics in spain" businessfrom the exploitation as1of Central directory of companies (DIRCE) to 1 january each year, provided by the national institute of statistics (INE). This report has been previously issued under the name of"StatisticsSMES: "and indicators.

The"report on theSMES"it is PictureSMES, which on an annual basis has been published, with the objective of an analysis of business in Spain, paying particular attention to the conductSMES.

Likewise, with an annual basis is developed "Portrait of theSMES"that summarizes theSMESalso on the basis of information to measure for theDIRCEon the following parameters:

  • Companies
  • Sectors
  • Ups and downs of companies
  • Amount of revenue
  • Typology of business at your status
  • BusinessNATIONAL

Monthly, is published document"FiguresSMES"based on monthly data published by the ministry for the inclusion, Social security and migration on companies registered in the Social security.

Figure - trends in employment by establishment

Trends in employment by establishment Figures.SMES


Recordcompanies with employees, are extracted from statistics "monthlyCompanies registered in the Social Security".

With regard to theSmeswithout employeesavailable data are collected from "Self-sustaining itself".

1The dataINEspecifically developed at the request of theDGEIPYME, as the breakdown of companies to 249 employees for the approval to the definition Eurostat and its comparison with theEU.