Statistics and Publications on SMEs

The Subdirectorate General for Support to SMEs publishes monthly and annually various statistics and reports, both in order to disseminate the most relevant figures and indicators of Spanish SMEs, and for monitoring and evaluation of the policies carried out by the General Directorate of Industry and of the Small and Medium Enterprise.

On an annual basis, the report "Business structure and dynamics in Spain" is published from the tailor-made operation1 of the Central Business Directory (DIRCE) on January 1 of each year, provided by the National Institute of Statistics ( INE). This report was previously published under the name "SME statistics: evolution and indicators".

The “Report on SMEs” is part of the Panorama PYME collection, which has been published annually, with the aim of carrying out an analysis of business activity in Spain, paying special attention to SME behavior.

Likewise, with an annual basis is developed "portrait of the SMES" that summarizes the SME sector also on the basis of information as DIRCE, on the following parameters:

  • Companies
  • Sectors
  • Company registrations and deregistrations
  • Volume of revenue
  • Company typology by legal status
  • Companies by Autonomous Community

On a monthly basis, the document “SME Figures” is published, prepared from monthly data published by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration on companies registered with Social Security.

Evolución del empleo por tamañoCifras PYME. Datos febrero 2022PYME sin asalariados PYME con asalariados Grande mar21abr21may21jun21jul21ago21sep21oct21nov21dic21ene22feb2295100105110Fuente: Secretaría General de Industria y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa.
Fecha PYME sin asalariados PYME con asalariados Grande
mar21 100,1 99,8 98,7
abr21 100,3 101,0 100,1
may21 100,4 103,2 101,2
jun21 100,5 104,3 99,6
jul21 100,5 105,4 101,7
ago21 100,4 103,5 99,1
sep21 100,3 105,0 101,9
oct21 100,4 106,2 104,2
nov21 100,5 106,5 104,8
dic21 100,6 106,5 105,0
ene22 100,6 105,3 103,9
feb22 100,6 106,0 104,3

The number of SMEs with employees in March is 1,308,208, which represents a decrease of -0.07% compared to the previous month and 921 fewer companies; For its part, the number of large companies is 5,099, which implies a growth of 1.63% (82 more companies), resulting in a total of 1,313,307 companies with employees, with a monthly variation of -0.06 % and 839 companies less.

On the other hand, SMEs with employees employed 9,024,993 employees in March, which translates into a variation of 0.48%, and an increase of 42,802 employees. The number of employees of large companies is 5,930,207, this figure representing an increase of 0.59% (34,965 more employees). In total, companies with employees employed 14,955,200 employees, with a monthly variation rate of 0.52%, and 77,767 more employees.

Within SMEs with employees, the medium-sized segment (50-249 employees) is the one that experiences the greatest growth, both in the number of companies (0.85%) and in terms of employment (1.03%).

Previous data relating to companies with employees, are extracted from the monthly statistics "companies registered in Social security", updated monthly.

1 Data that the INE develops specifically at the request of the DGIPYME, as the breakdown of companies until 249 employees for approval with the definition Eurostat and its comparison with the HAT.