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The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through the Subdirectorate General for Studies, Analysis and Action Plans, is the unit responsible for carrying out the Industrial Situation Survey (ISS) and the Industrial Investment Survey (IIS). Both statistics are included in the National Statistical Plan.

In order to carry out both surveys, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism collaborates with the European Commission in the harmonised programme of company and consumer surveys. This implies that these surveys are carried out on the basis of a common methodology and timetable.

The purpose of these surveys is to obtain information on the current situation of industrial companies and their expectations for the near future in order to subsequently construct the sectorial confidence indicators; in this case, the Industrial Confidence Indicator (ICI). The final objective is to obtain, on a monthly basis, an Economic Sentiment Index for the economy as a whole.

Thanks to the speed of data collection and processing and its dissemination, the Industrial Sentiment Survey (ISS) provides optimal indicators for the monitoring of the industrial situation, and its results may be used as advanced indicators of certain macroeconomic variables (such as the PIB, the EPA or the IPI), due to the delay of the latter between their publication and the period to which they refer. They are also a good tool for anticipating turning points in the economic cycle.

In turn, the Industrial Investment Survey (IIS) is a six-monthly publication whose purpose is to provide information on the evolution of the volume of industrial investment in Spain, as well as on the purposes and factors surrounding it.

The calendar for carrying out said surveys is shown below:

Main results of the Industrial Situation Survey

The following files include the Industrial Confidence Indicator (ICI) for the last few months, its components and other variables of interest.

In the following link is available the Monthly Report of the Industrial Situation Survey:

Main results of the Industrial Investment Survey

The following files include the latest available results regarding the evolution (variation rates) of industrial investment:


The ECI is a survey aimed at all those companies whose main economic activity falls within the industrial and extractive activities; that is, it includes sections 05 to 33 (both inclusive) of CNAE-09. The EII is also aimed at sections 34 and 35 (energy, gas, steam and water supply).

The ECI has a monthly frequency, and its reference period coincides with the month in which the survey is conducted. The EII is carried out every six months, with one in March-April and another in October-November.

Both surveys are aimed at a representative sample of companies throughout Spain.

The main variables analysed by the ECI refer to the order book (total and foreign), stocks of finished products (stocks), production, employment or prices, referring both to their current level and to future expectations or their latest trend. An extended questionnaire is sent quarterly to collect another series of variables, such as factors that could limit investment or the degree of use of productive capacity.

The EII tries to obtain different estimates on the variations of investment of the companies both in the current year and for the next year.

You can download the methodology and the fact sheets for both surveys from the links below:

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