Strategic framework in SME policy

The SME Strategic Framework is an instrument at the service of the SME, which defines the political framework of action for the Spanish public administrations in matters of small and medium-sized enterprises in the long term, composed of a set of recommendations organized into seven levers or areas of action that are understood to be strategic in any policy that has the SME at its center. All of this, in coordination with the different plans and strategies, both sectoral and of a more transversal nature, of both the General Administration of the State and the Autonomous Communities and Local Entities.

The document is organized into three clearly differentiated parts:

  • Description of the SME in Spain and Europe, its contribution to the Spanish and European economy, as well as the policies of Spain and the European Union in this matter.
  • Conceptual framework and diagnosis of the seven identified levers: entrepreneurship, business management and talent, regulatory framework, financing, innovation and digitalization, sustainability and internationalization. These levers are in turn divided into a series of lines of action, as recommendations, whose fundamental characteristic is their horizontality, so that they affect the development of all SMEs as a whole and do not focus on a specific sector.
  • Governance Model, that is, the structure of agents for the implementation and monitoring of the measures contained in the Strategic Framework, at the top of which is the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. The institutional architecture rests on the State Council of SMEs, the Government's advisory body on Small Business and Medium Enterprise where public administrations and social agents participate.

The annexes include the SME policies of the most developed European economies, the distribution of SMEs within the EU28, the index of references and statistical sources used to prepare this document, the results of the working groups, as well as the definition of SME.

Catálogo de medidas

El Catálogo de medidas se enmarca dentro del Marco Estratégico de la PYME, y es una recopilación de las acciones y programas que llevan a cabo los organismos que participan del diseño e implementación de las políticas dirigidas a las pymes en España, de manera que se obtiene un mapa completo de todo el territorio nacional, con los siguientes objetivos:

  • Conocer y difundir las medidas en favor de la PYME al tiempo que sirve de documento actualizado periódicamente que puede ser reportado a la Comisión Europea para el seguimiento de la Small Business Act.
  • Ser el punto de partida de los trabajos del Consejo Estatal de la PYME respecto del Marco Estratégico, de manera que se identifiquen tanto las acciones y buenas prácticas que ya están puestas en marcha como las lagunas que requieran nuevas acciones.

El Catálogo recoge por tanto las aportaciones periódicas de los Vocales del Consejo Estatal de la PYME que representan a los organismos responsables de las políticas de PYME a nivel nacional y autonómico.

Buscador de medidas