Cement statistics


The ministry of industry and tourism, through the Technical Office of the secretariat-General of industry and small and medium-sized enterprises, is responsible for the realization of the statistics of cement.

The objective of this statistic is to provide accurate, reliable and as quickly as possible, of the evolution of the cement industry english, so that they can meet the needs of information on the same to all social and economic agents who need it.

The statistics on the main magnitudes in the cement industry english is a widely used as an indicator of the evolution of the sector itself, as well as of the construction sector in Spain, being this Last a basic sector of the spanish economy.

The use of statistics in the cement industry as macro-economic indicator, it is widely used by different social and economic agents, including public administrations themselves both nationally and regionally, requiring this information to be able to monitor closely the evolution of production and consumption data as important and representative of the economic situation of the country and the different regions.

The time-frame for the publication of statistics provides that no later than the day 20 each month will be issued the results of the previous month. Below is the calendar for the publication of statistics:

Key results

The files that are linked below include the results of the statistics of the cement of recent months.


From may 2024 (data for the month of april 2024), the statistics of Cement incorporates certain methodological changes associated with the expansion of the reporting units. Therefore, since this month, and until april 2025 inclusive, will be issued two versions of statistics for the purposes of comparability: a year in accordance with the old methodology (basis of expanded NOT reporting units) and another under the new (basis of expanded reporting units). The files in question are appointed with identifying the “ EXPANDED NOT ” and “ EXTENDED ”, respectively.

Historical series since 1992

The files that are linked below include the results of the historical series of statistics of cement since 1992.


On the links below you can download the methodology used for the development of statistics of cement.