Industry and SMES


Website SME Platform

Information and tools for the entrepreneur and the SME.

Sitio web Plataforma PYME

Información y herramientas para el emprendedor y la PYME.

Website SME strategy

National framework for Spanish SME.

Sitio web Estrategia PYME

Marco nacional de actuación para la PYME española

Of interest CIRCE: Constitution of companies by Internet.

Point of Attention to the Entrepreneur.

De interés CIRCE: Constitución de empresas por internet.

Punto de Atención al Emprendedor.



  • Review of the minimum value of the ratio between consumption and for gross value added to electrointensivo consumer Keep reading
  • Certificate of consumer electrointensivo Keep reading
  • Industry is the distribution rights of the specifications UNE 0060 and 0061 to put them, free of charge, available to businesses seeking to be defined as “ Digital Industries ”. Keep reading
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