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The ministry of industry and tourism, through the subdirectorate General studies, analyses and plans of action, the unit is responsible for the conduct of the survey of Industrial Juncture (ECI) and of the survey of industrial investment (EII). Both statistics are included within the National Statistical Plan.

For both surveys, the ministry of industry and tourism is working with the european commission in the harmonized programme surveys of enterprises and consumers. This means that these surveys are carried out on the basis of a common methodology and timetable.

The purpose of these surveys is to obtain information about the current situation of industrial enterprises and expectations for the near future for subsequently, to build the confidence of sectoral indicators; in this case, the indicator of Industrial Confidence (ICI). The ultimate goal is to steal, monthly, of an Economic Sense for the economy as a whole.

Thanks to the speed in the collection and processing data and their dissemination, the survey of Industrial Juncture (ECI) provides Optimal indicators for follow-up to the industrial juncture, and its results can be used as indicators developed certain macroeconomic variables (such asGDP,EPAorREMITTANCES), due to the delay of the latter between publication and the period to which they referred. They are also a good tool to anticipate the turning points in the economic cycle.

For its part, the survey of industrial investment (EII) is a biannual whose purpose is to provide information on developments in the volume of industrial investment in spain, as well as for the purposes and factors surrounding it.

You then see the timetable for implementation of such surveys:

Key results of the survey of Industrial Juncture

The following files include Industrial indicator of confidence (ICI) of the past few months, their components and other variables of interest.

The following link is available on the Monthly Report of the survey frames Industry:

Key results of the survey of industrial investment

The following files include the latest results available relating to developments (rates of variation) of industrial investment:


TheECIit is a survey addressed to all those companies whose principal economic activity is consistent with extractive industries and activities; i.e. includes sections 05-33 (inclusive) of The CNAE-09.EII, in addition, is aimed at sections 34 and 35 (power supply, gas, steam and water).

TheECIhas a monthly basis, and of the reference period coincides with the month of the survey. TheEIIhas a biannual basis, with a realization in marzo-abril and another in the months of octubre-noviembre.

Both surveys are aimed at a representative sample of companies from all over spain.

The key variables analysed by theECIrefer to the order book (total and foreign), the inventory of finished goods (inventory), production, employment or prices, referring to both its current level and future expectations or its latest trend. Quarterly a questionnaire was sent to pick up a second expanded number of variables, as factors that might limit investment or level of utilization of productive capacity.

TheEIIseeks to obtain various estimates on changes in business investment both in the current year and next year.

It is possible to download the methodology and technical specifications of both surveys in the following links:

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