Organization chart

General Secretary of Industry and Small and Medium Business

Mr. Raül Blanco Díaz Currículum vitae

  • Technical Office

    Mr. Luis Manuel Suárez Fernández

  • General Secretary of the National Authority for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

    Mr. Fernando Borreda Juste

  • General Direction of Industry and Small and Medium Business

    Mr. Galo Gutiérrez Monzonís Currículum vitae

    • General Office Industrial Sector Policies Mr. Alejandro Cros Bernabéu
    • General Office of Quality and Industrial Safety Mr. José Manuel Prieto Barrio
    • General Office Programs and Areas Industrial Mr. Ramón Herrero Arbizu
    • General Office of Digitization Industry and Collaborative Environments Mr. Jorge Arnau Llinares Sanjuan
    • General Office Support for PYME Mrs. Mª José Muñoz Martínez
    • General Office Management and Delivery of Programmes Mr. Gabriel Galán González