Organization chart

State secretariat for industry

Mrs. Rebeca Mariola Torró Soler

  • Cabinet

    D. Luis Antonio Rico Urios

  • General Directorate of Industrial Strategy and to small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

    D. Jordi García BrustengaCurriculum vitae

    • Sub-department Industrial strategy and Ecosystems
    • Sub-department Industrial quality and safety

      D. José Manuel Prieto District

    • Sub-Department of Entrepreneurship and smes
    • Sub-department Industrial Strategic Autonomy
  • General directorate of Industrial Programmes

    D. Jordi Llinares Sanjuan

    • Sub-Department of management and delivery, innovation and Industrial Digitization
    • Sub-department for monitoring and Control of Industrial Programmes, innovation and digitization
    • Sub-department assessment of Programmes
    • Sub-Department for the promotion of Industrial Projects
  • Special commissioner for the Agrifood LOSS

    D. Jordi Carbonell SebarrojaCurriculum vitae

  • Special commissioner for the LOSS of Decarbonisation Industrial

    D. Luis Ángel Colunga FernándezCurriculum vitae