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Suspension of ongoing administrative deadlines

According to what sets the Additional provision third of the Royal Decree 463/2020, declaring a state of alarm for managing the situation of health crisis caused by the COVID-19, suspended terms and are interrupted the deadlines for processing procedures of public sector entities. The computation of deadlines will resume at the time this effect lost royal decree or, in their case, extensions.

The suspension of terms and the interruption of deadlines will apply to all public sector defined by law 39/2015, 1 October, administrative procedure Common of public administrations.

Therefore formalities prior public consultation and hearing and public information in the process of elaboration of the bills, projects of real legislative decree and projects of regulations which will be carried out by the Ministry and its public authorities dependent or linked, as regulated by the art. 133 of law 39/2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations, and in the art. 26 of the law 50/1997 of 27 November, the government, are interrupted.

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