• 7/29/2018

Labelling of compatibility between fuels and vehicles

Norma UNE EN-16942:2016 - Identificación de la compatibilidad de carburantes y vehículos.

On 12 october will enter into force the new european regulations on labelling for fuels and vehicles which aims to improve the information to consumers due to the great variety of existing fuels. On this occasion, the spanish association for Standardization, UNE, has submitted the standard UNE-EN labelling 16942 compatibility between fuels and vehicles which indicates how they should be the new labels and where they should be arranged.

The standard UNE-EN 16942 is a standard of european origin, adopted at the catalogue of rules, which gives effect to the new european legislation. This provision specifies the 13 different labels for each type of fuel: from mineral oil, up to biofuels, passing by natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, hydrogen and mixtures, among others.

In addition, the partnershipsANFAC,ANESDOR,AOPandUPI, have developed some explanatory guides for users and agents of the sector. These guides explain the purpose of the identifiers and labels, fuel and vehicles in what will appear. Among other locations, these labels will include:

  • the proximity of filling nozzle or from the top of the deposit of new vehicles or user manuals of new cars, which can also arise in the electronic manuals available through the media center of the vehicle.
  • in the stations in the apparatus and boquerel pump, providing a guide on fuel that is compatible with the motor vehicles.

The standard UNE-EN 16942:2016 and the identifiers of each fuel are available on the web portal of AENOR (www.aenor.com).


Explanatory guide to operators [PDF] [1845 KB]

Explanatory guide for users [PDF] [755 KB]