The strategic framework on sme policy

The strategic framework for smes is an instrument for SMES, which defines the political framework for action for the spanish public administrations in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises in the long term, composed of a set of recommendations organized in seven levers or areas which are understood in any strategic policy that is in the centre to smes. All this, in coordination with the various plans and sectoral strategies well either cross over to the General state administration to the autonomous communities and local entities.

The document is organized into three distinct parts:

  • Description of the SMES in spain and europe, its contribution to the spanish and european economy, as well as the policies of spain and the european Union.
  • Conceptual framework and diagnosis of the seven levers identified: enterprise, business management and talent, regulatory framework, funding, innovation and digitization, sustainability and internationalization. These levers are divided into a series of courses of action, by way of recommendations, whose key feature is its horizontality, so that impact on the development of smes as a whole and do not focus on a specific sector.
  • Model of governance, i.e. the structure of the implementation of and follow-up to the measures contained in the strategic framework, in whose apex is the minister of industry and tourism. The institutional architecture rests on the The State Council of smes. An advisory body of the government in the field of Small and medium-sized enterprises where the public administrations and the social partners.

Annexes reflected the policies of small and medium-sized enterprises from more developed economies, the distribution of smes within the UE28, the Contents of the references and statistical sources used for the development of this document, the outcome of the working groups, as well as the definition of Smes.

Catalogue of measures

The catalogue of measures is part of the strategic framework of the smes, and is a compilation of the actions and programmes run by the agencies involved in the design and implementation of policies aimed at smes in Spain, so as to get a full map of the entire national territory, with the following objectives:

  • Awareness and disseminate activities in support of SMES while provides regularly updated document that may be reported to the european commission for the follow-up to the Small Business Act.
  • Be the starting point for the work of the state council of the sme on The Strategic Framework, so as to identify both the actions and good practices already implemented as gaps requiring further action.

The Catalogue collected by both regular Members of the state SMES representing agencies responsible for sme policies at national and regional level.

Form of action