Brexit Industry

“After his departure from the European Union, the RU will become a third country and this will be a very important change in the form of relationship with countries that remain in the HAT, with the possible imposition of tariffs and / or establishing controls on the standards of products to or from this major destination for Spanish exports. Given the strong direct investment that exists between both countries, productive chains are heavily integrated. Could be created discontinuities regulations, tax and delivery time in production chains of sectors such as agroalimentario, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and chemical.

The General Secretariat of industry and small and medium enterprises develops, implements and incorporates the legal system industrial policies and in the tourist, national or arising from the European Union. Similarly, coordinates and advises in the affairs of European and international level and technical cooperation in the areas of its competence.”


The Commission reports that:

"Even if an ambitious partnership was reached to cover all areas included in the Political Declaration by the end of 2020, the UK's withdrawal from the Community body of doctrine, the internal market and the Customs Union, the end of the transition period will inevitably create barriers to trade and international exchanges that do not exist today.

There will be far-reaching and far-reaching consequences for Public Administrations, businesses and citizens as of January 1, 2021, regardless of the outcome of the negotiation. These changes are inevitable and everyone must make sure they are ready for it".


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