• 10/18/2010

ECESA programme: Award of the first call for aid to the cooperation of Centres of Support for entrepreneurship

The Ministry of industry, tourism and trade drives the cooperation between centres that provide support services to entrepreneurs in order to enhance the coordination of the available supply and increased specialization.

The projects selected among other joint actions, aimed at improving the information provided to entrepreneurs through the pooling of methodologies, the complementarity of services between schools, improving the training of technical personnel, as well as through access to the platforms of proceedings, all of them have outstanding quality and innovative approach.

Among the agencies participating in the projects include the local promotion (20 per cent), business organizations (19 per cent), chambers of commerce (17 per cent) and CEEI ’ s (13 per cent), without doubt by its long experience and proven professionalism in the provision of services to smes and entrepreneurs.

TheDGPYMEa total of €1 million, in the form of grants, to the development of the selected projects benefiting directly a total of 112 public and private agencies, non-profit.

The distribution byNATIONALof the selected projects is as follows:

Programme of promotion of support centres entrepreneurs CEAE)
Autonomous Community (CC.AA.)TotalPercentage (%)
The canary islands311
Castilla-La Stain13
Castile and León27
The Basque Country27

Note: for its calculation has been taken into account the origin of the requesting agency.

The programme of promotion of centres for Entrepreneurs is one of the notable developments introduced in 2010 in the Plan of action in support of Entrepreneurship (PAAE) of the ministry of industry, tourism and trade.

With the granting of this aid is intended to foster and develop existing services aimed at entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises, as a means to promote and encourage entrepreneurship, enterprise development and continuity of existing ones, all in a framework of economic activity in Spain.