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Background of the norm

The fundamental objective of the new annex is to regulate the metrological control of the state in stages of conformity assessment tools and service loading stations aimed at public provision of commercial transaction directly of electrical power different clients to charge the batteries of electric vehicles, currently not covered.

According to Article 8 of the law 32/2014 of 22 December of Metrology:

Article 8. Elements subjected to metrological control of the state.

Tools, media, reference materials, measuring systems and software that serve to measure or count and which is used for reasons of public interest, health and public safety, public order, protection of the environment, protection or information to consumers and users, tax collection, calculation of tariffs, royalties, administrative sanctions, realization of expert reports, establishment of the basic guarantees for fair trade, and all those that are identified with regulatory, will be subject to metrological control of the state in the terms established in its specific regulation.

Problems to be solved with the new standard

The main reason behind the development of this Annex is to regulate the stations for electric vehicles. The park Rental of electric vehicles will increase significantly, environmental policy of the state aims to reduce vehicle emissions and enhance the use of electric vehicles.

These vehicles needed to load loading stations, with a transaction economic, therefore, would be included in the assumptions defined in Article 8 of the law 32/2014, of 22 December, as are subject to metrological control of the state the fuel pumps.

These stations are not currently regulated metrológicamente.

Need and opportunity for approval

The needs to fill this draft annex is consumer protection for loading stations for electric vehicles have the reliability and accuracy appropriate.

Objectives of the norm

Regular and apply the metrological control of the state to some tools, freight stations of electric vehicles that are not currently regulated.

Possible alternative solutions, regulatory and non-regulatory

Does not regulate these instruments.

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Deadline for submitting arguments from the day Tuesday, May 26, 2020 until the day Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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