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This second public notice supplements made last march, with the aim of increasing both the number and size for proposals with options to participate in the 2nd IPCEI of microelectronics and communication technologies (2nd IPCEI ME-TC) which is currently being implemented at eu level.

With this new notice are intended not leave anyone behind in a european initiative of such relevance for spain and Europe, identifying new proposals to add to already received in march 2021. These proposals will be considered in the same conditions as those received in the first announcement without its presentation and/or receiving generate any right, or involve any funding commitment by the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism.

The projects submitted shall cover the development aspects of the chip design to computing, IA, 5G-6G, security, mobility, as well as the first industrial deployment (including the scaling towards manufacturing nodes pointers) and packaging made of the crisps.

All the necessary details for the submission of proposals in this second warning can be found in the section “ Annexes ”, specifically in “ full text of the 2nd notice for expression of interest ”.

Remission deadline

Deadline for submitting arguments from the day Tuesday, June 29, 2021 until the day Monday, July 12, 2021

Submission of allegations

The allegations may be sent to the email address: indicating in the subject: "Nombre de la empresa/entidad_Proyecto 2º IPCEI Microelectrónica"

They should specify:

  • Data: Company representative, and contact details.
  • Attaching to mail the following two documents:
    1. "project proposal IPCEI" duly filled in (maximum 10 pages) as memory in the company's project.
    2. "project overview Tab IPCEI" containing non-confidential information in english that could be shared with other participants in the event of match-making (or future events) at national and european level.

The absence of any information required in the project proposal or non-compliance with the previous requirements will be discarded.

Provides for the full text of the expression of interest in the annexes.

For further information, Communication IPCEI – European Commission