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The adoption of the rules of procedure (EU) 2019/515 of the european parliament and of the council of 19 march 2019, relating to mutual recognition of goods traded legally in another member state and repealing Regulation (EC) n. 764/2008, has been to clarify the implementation of the principle of mutual recognition for those products not covered by eu legislation.

Analysed domestic regulation of industrial safety and the regulation itself 2019/515 of 19 march 2019 makes it necessary to amend the provisions of mutual recognition in certain safety regulations to align them with the European regulation.

Furthermore, it takes advantage of this draft royal decree to amend the fourth transitional provision of royal decree 2200/1995 of 28 december, approving the regulations of the infrastructure for the quality and safety considerations. This provision was recently amended by royal decree 542/2020, of 26 may, amending and invalidate different provisions and industrial safety, in which it is tailored to the distribution of competences between the autonomous communities and the state. However, some autonomous communities did not include the approval of products (and therefore the certification that replaces the approval) in the powers contained in the royal decrees on transfer of functions and services of state administration to the autonomous communities.

It is, therefore, in order to bring the situation to the current competitive order, as long as there are no control Agencies accredited to the certification of certain products, manufacturers can make a statement responsible indicating compliance with statutory requirements. The Autonomous Communities, as the Competent bodies in monitoring the market will be able to carry out proceedings of inspection and control over such products.

Finally, warned errors in the recently adopted Royal Decree 809/2021, of 21 september, approving the regulations of pressure equipment and its follow-up technical instructions is the corrigendum.

Structure of the Royal Decree

The draft royal decree consists of a narrative, eight articles, an additional provision, a transitional measure, a provision repeal and three final provisions.

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