Industrial Safety: regulations applicable to industrial goods and facilities

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Who can request a certificate in accordance with spanish password?
A manufacturer with production facilities in Spain (art.13 Royal Decree 97/2014).
¿Qué significa el marcado CE?
El marcado CE colocado en un producto o en los documentos que lo acompañan, indica que el producto cumple con los requisitos esenciales de seguridad de las Directivas o Reglamentos Europeos que afectan a la comercialización de ese producto. Un producto con el marcado CE puede comercializarse en todo el territorio de la Unión Europea.

Si un reglamento hace referencia a una norma UNE que ha sido anulada por una nueva edición, ¿Cuál de las dos normas es necesario aplicar?
Se debe utilizar la norma que figura en el Reglamento o en las modificaciones o actualizaciones del Reglamento que se encuentren publicados en el Boletín Oficial del Estado en ese momento. No obstante lo anterior, algunos reglamentos señalan que, aunque no exista resolución expresa, se entenderá que también cumplen las exigencias reglamentarias la edición de la norma posterior a la que figura en el listado de normas del reglamento, siempre que la misma no modifique criterios básicos y se limite a actualizar ensayos o incremente la seguridad intrínseca del material correspondiente.

Is mandatory to the use of harmonized rules?
In general, the use of the rules IN (european standard) is not compulsory. It is possible to opt for other technical solutions to meet the essential requirements set out in the relevant Directive. In the case of construction products the use of the rules is mandatory.
If i have doubts when performing an installation, who should i ask?
The concrete implementation or practice of execution of a regulation of Industrial safety is the competence of the autonomous communities, and therefore the targeted consultations on the implementation of a regulation of Industrial safety to an installation in particular must be put to the competent authorities in the area of industry of the autonomous community where the source cited installation.
No. Only those products falling within the object and scope of European Directives or regulations (under the new approach). You can consult the directives that affect products on the website of the European commission.
No. Only those products that fall within the object and scope of European Directives or Regulations (new approach). You can consult the directives that affect products on the European Commission portal.
If a product requires CE marking, does only one Directive apply to it?
A product may be subject to more than a directive that determine the specific requirements which the product must fulfil in order to make the CE marking. In the case of which apply more than a directive, the product must meet the requirements of each of the directives that affect them. You can consult the directives that affect products on theportal of the european commission.
How do you know if a product has to carry the CE marking?
In each of the directives and specific european regulations are the product group targeted and that are affected. Generally, in the first articles of the directives and Regulations define the products that are affected by these requirements. You can consult the directives that affect products on the website of the European commission.

How can I know if a standard is valid for a specific Directive or Regulation?

The European Commission publishes in the Official Journal of the European Union the list of harmonized standards for a given Directive. These lists can be consulted on the European Commission website (section “Legislation and standards”).

Also in the ZA annexes of the UNE standards (Spanish standards) specifies the applicability of the standard against the requirements of the Directives for which presumption of conformity is granted.

The Directives make mention of “Technical Documentation”. What does this documentation consist of?
The manufacturer or his authorized representative in the european Union must create and maintain technical documentation of your product or Technical Dossier, required by the Directive. This dossier includes documents detailing the design and product development, testing and testing, manufacturing process and controls, etc. This may be kept in paper or electronic format and content specified in each Directive.
¿Qué es la Declaración de Conformidad y por qué es necesaria?
Antes de proceder al marcado CE de un producto, el fabricante debe realizar la “Declaración de Conformidad”. Esta Declaración es un documento en el que el fabricante, indica que el producto cumple con todos los requisitos esenciales de las directivas o reglamentos que sean de aplicación al producto.

What should the Declaration of Conformity contain?

Each Directive establishes the content of the Declaration of Conformity. In general, they all include the following information:

  • Name and address of the manufacturer.
  • Information about the product, such as trade name, brand, model, reference, serial number, etc.
  • The number of the Notified Body that has intervened in the Conformity Assessment, if applicable.
  • Date and signature of the declaration

There is no specific format for the Declaration of Conformity, although some Directives include a standard model in their annexes.

What is an authorized representative?
An authorized representative is any natural or legal person established in the european Union that has established a written agreement with the manufacturer to act on its behalf in specific aspects relating to the CE marking. The authorized representative may also act as importer or distributor.
We want to market a product with our trade name or brand and it already comes with the CE marking, what responsibility are we assuming?
If an authorized representative, a distributor or importer wants to market a product under their own brand, and said product already has the CE marking, they assume responsibility for said marking, therefore they must have sufficient information on product design, production controls, etc. to assume such responsibility.
¿Qué productos pueden llevar el marcado CE?
Únicamente pueden llevar el marcado CE aquellos productos que se comercializan y están sujetos a Directivas o Reglamentos Europeos que expresamente obliguen a dicho marcado.

Who is responsible for affixing the CE marking?
In general, the manufacturer or importer is responsible for identifying the legislation applicable to their products. Economic agents (manufacturer, importer, distributor and authorized representative) must ensure compliance with these requirements that affect the marketing of their products.
CE Marking of Construction Products.

Access all the information on the Construction Regulation Construction Products (guides, frequently asked questions documents, lists of harmonized standards, etc.) at this link.

In particular, it is recommended to read the document “Construction products: CE marking, how is it verified?”, which contains basic information on Regulation (EU) 305/2011, about how the documentation relating to the CE marking of construction products.”

Information on fraudulent CE marked and the false label “ China Export ”
Information on fraudulent CE marked and the false label “ China Export ”