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According to data of the organization for economic cooperation and development (“ oecd ”), more hours of work do not translate into greater productivity. This body measured labour productivity of each country through indicator GDP per hour worked as measured in us dollars and which takes account of the total number of hours worked for all persons engaged in the production process. These data suggest that there are countries who work less hours and, however, are more productive.

It was therefore considered it necessary to encourage the realization of a series of pilot projects to reduce working hours to provide impetus to productivity in small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in spain, which are vital to the productive fabric. These pilot projects, should reflect a reduction of minimum time for a number of workers determined according to the size of the enterprise, without reducing wages. In turn, would incorporate a number of organizational measures and production processes, as well as training, which will generate an improvement in productivity compensate in the greatest costs.

Provides for direct aid under a temporary basis for the costs borne by the company as a result of reduced working hours, as well as the costs of implementation of new organizational formulas and training, in the medium term, lead to the increase in productivity to make the pilot viable beyond its duration.

Pilot projects should incorporate training organisational measures to optimize working time to implement throughout the duration of the pilot project, and indicators to measure the improvement of the evolution of labour productivity in the enterprise or establishment that will be evaluated regularly.

May be partly financed salary costs of staff affected by the reduction of working hours, the costs of training concerning the optimization of working time of the affected workers to the implementation of the pilot project, and the costs of external partnerships or internal staff costs required for the design or redesign processes affected by the pilot project and are directly linked to the production of goods and services of the company.

Remission deadline

Deadline for submitting arguments from the day Friday, July 22, 2022 until the day Thursday, August 18, 2022

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The allegations may be sent to the email address: indicating in the subject: "PROYECTO DE ORDEN REDUCCIÓN DE JORNADA LABORAL."

Sólo serán consideradas las respuestas en las que el remitente esté identificado, haciendo constar en ellas:

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  • Organization or association (if applicable).
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In general, contributions received are not considered confidential and free dissemination. Those parts of the information provided that, in the opinion of the person concerned should be treated confidentially and consequently is not free dissemination, should be specifically identified in the text of the contribution, not to be regarded as the generic messages confidentiality of information.